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The Book of the Revelation of Saint John the Divine

Did you ever wonder why the Bible is history, except for one book, the final book, Revelation, the full title of which is The Book of the Revelation of Saint John the Divine?

We are told Revelation is a prophecy of the end times. But, is it a prophecy of the end times, a pipe dream or something far more useful and obvious?

We oft overlook the obvious, true and needed in our effort to find the hidden and desired.

Bishop R. Dennis Campbell has studied Revelation most of his life. He points out it was dangerous to be a Christian when John wrote Revelation. Christians were suffering the loss of jobs and social standing. Some were in prison, and some had even been killed. In fact, John himself was imprisoned on Patmos when he wrote the book. They needed a message from God that spoke to their need and their time. Revelation was that message. Bishop Campbell points out this fact is the key to understanding the entire book of Revelation. Therefore, He Shall Reign takes readers into the Old Testament origins of the signs and symbols of Revelation, and shows their application to the life and death situation of first century Christianity. If you have ever wondered what Revelation said to the original readers, if you have been perplexed by the symbols, if you are confused by the multiple interpretations of Revelation that abound today, or if you seriously want a better understanding of Revelation, He Shall Reign is a must-read.

I have read Revelation many times and gotten nothing from it. A pipe dream, or so I thought, having accepted the End Times interpretation. A total waste of God's most precious item, time. Then, I came across Bishop Dennis' book, He Shall Reign. Now, I understand. Now, I have been given back a book of that most precious Bible.

You can find He Shall Reign on Amazon. Or send a $20.00 check payable to Dennis Campbell to POB 838, Descanso, CA 91916 and we will send you one. This will be the best Bible book you ever bought. Our parish appreciates it so much, we bought a fair number of the books and will send the money to the author. All of it, we will even pay for the postage out of our own pocket just so you can have the book. It is that good. We wish we could do eCommerce, maybe later. We can do PayPal though. For that, contact Dru Arnold.